Induction Set For Early October

   National Honor Society accumulated over 100 invites to qualified applicants. Many of those qualified applicants attended a meeting held in the Commons in August. In the meeting, sponsor Jodee Flatte discussed the basis of the program and upcoming induction.

   “NHS is all about the four pillars; character, leadership, service, and scholarship. The NHS is very prestigious. You have to have a 3.5 [GPA] in order to be eligible. Aside from that scholarship, NHS is what makes a well rounded individual. The leadership is there, the character is there, and the service is there. That’s really, in a snapshot, of what the NHS is,” Flatte said.

  The organization’s induction will be held on Sunday, October 10, at 2:30 pm in the SHS auditorium. Attendees must adhere to the school COVID protocol.

  “What will happen is that we will get all of the new inductees together and our traditional ceremony where we light candles that each represent a leadership attribute every NHS member should have. As this is happening the officers will say a couple of words about the candles and what they represent. Then we will have the new inductees recite our NHS pledge, and they will be officially inducted into the NHS,” treasurer Jonathan Rosas said.

   With the induction and requirements of the NHS, it’s treated prestigious with its many perks.

    “Joining the NHS has its perks because we do volunteer work to help raise awareness and help our community, so you are getting to help others with your friends. It also helps you stay aware of your GPA and need to maintain it in order to stay in. So it helps keep students accountable for their grades, making it motivational to want to get those good grades,” vice president of public relations Judith Ramirez said.

   The service pillar adds a contribution to the NHS requirements. Members complete 16 hours of school and community service each year.

   “My tip for the inductees would be to always be on the lookout for service hours. They should always be on the lookout for service opportunities posted in the NHS Schoology group, that is where we will post school sponsored volunteer opportunities. They should go seek out service opportunities from other volunteer groups as well. There are always opportunities to volunteer and get service hours, you just have to look for them,” Rosas said.

  The NHS emphasizes the four pillars. Failing the requirements means getting booted out of the program.

   “…whatever I am doing for the organization is for a good cause. Whether I am picking up trash, doing a coke drive for Make A Wish, helping with food drives, or simply just cleaning my neighbor’s yard, I know that I am doing the right thing and it makes me feel good,” Rosas said.