Quiz bowl wins 6th State Title

Press Release

Quiz Bowl defeated Bryant 325-285 to win a 6th State Title. Southside clinched the win with only two questions left as the match was very close throughout the entire game. Replays of the game will be available on Arkansas PBS’s YouTube channel in the near future.

“Winning State was a huge accomplishment for us and I really feel that I owe a lot of that to how well the team works together and all of the work that we put in,” captain Jack Minnick said. “I don’t think we could have done it without devoted team members and a devoted coach that pushes us to that extent.”

In his first title win since 2014, coach Josh Adams said, “We had to change our entire strategy this year. We had a lot of virtual zoom practices. We waited to hear the entire question every time. For most of the year we played against the questions, not another team. Then in the finals we had to focus more on speed to beat another team head to head. We even had to use a smaller roster because of COVID room size protocols in the finals. I’m very proud of them and how resilient they were with all of the changes.”

“I feel proud of the team. I didn’t think we’d make it this far. This year has been kind of a mess with COVID and everything,” said senior Christian Morales.

Captain Jack Minnick, Vivian Apple and Haris Rana were named to the 7A All-State Tournament team. Other members of the team are Zainab Bashir, Jonathan Hernandez, Christian Morales, Victor Nguyen, Andrea Ortega, Emma Paulus, Alex Rahal, Zain Rana, and Callie Shannon. The team is coached by Josh Adams and Walter Woodie.