New Superintendent Takes His Place

February 4, 2021

New Superintendent Takes His Place

Starting his position as the head of the district on Jan. 2021 after the resignation of previous superintendent, Brubaker, Terry Morawski looks forward to working in his new role as superintendent.

   “I feel like this is an exciting time to be part of the Fort Smith Schools. The last year has presented many challenges, but our staff and students have faced these challenges with courage, grit and determination,” Morawski said.

   Building on experience as a deputy superintendent, chief operations officer, assistant superintendent, and director from his time at FSPS and before that, in Texas, Morawski plans to enact changes as well as continue his work on many ongoing projects. 

   “My main focus currently is finishing the work that was started under the Vision 2023 Strategic Plan…I am also interested to continue to research the academy model for our schools to build on the success of the Peak Innovation Center and the Darby Health Academy,” Morawski said.

   While Morawski set long term goals such as completing the 2023 Vision as punctually as possible, he also set goals that he believes the district will be able to complete by the end of the year. Focusing on completing construction and moving sixth and ninth graders to their respective schools are just a few of the goals he plans to accomplish by the end of 2021.

   “All construction and technology projects that are part of Vision 2023 are on track and on budget. The majority of these projects are scheduled to complete this summer… I want  High school students to graduate at least at the same rate as prior years as a result of the #OnTrack program. I also want planning, construction, staffing and all elements of programming at the Peak Innovation Center are completed and ready for students for Fall 2021,” Morawski said 

   Although Morawski remains optimistic about this year, he sees possible reason for concern over some hurdles he may face. This concern primarily surrounds time management and district involvement on campuses.

   “One of the biggest challenges of the job is time management…Although I have only been in the role since December 31, I have seen the incredible value and strength of our leadership team who are able to keep the district running at a high level,” Morawski said.

   Despite this concern, Morawski maintains his positive attitude, especially concerning areas like COVID-19, on-track days to keep student grades up, and COVID vaccinations. 

   “I truly am hopeful that we may get some relief in 2021 as more and more people can get the vaccine. I appreciate our Governor’s move to open the vaccinate to our district staff weeks earlier than planned. I also have been very pleased with our district’s overall response to Covid. An example would be the #OnTrack program last fall to help students, especially seniors, to not lose credits or focus amidst the current pandemic,” Morawski said.  

   As Morawski starts his first year as superintendent, he keeps his sights set on goals like the Vision 2023 plan and a productive future.

   “I look forward to our future and can’t wait to continue to celebrate the successes of our students,” Morawski said.

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