Fight For White House Continues

Ellie Bunnell and Lee Dorrough, Reporters

The 2020 U.S. Presidential Election took place on Tuesday, Nov. 3. This election featured President Donald Trump up against former Vice President Joe Biden. But before the election there were the debates. The first, and craziest, debate took place on Sept. 29. Both candidates looked unprofessional in the eyes of citizens after snarky comments and childish behavior took place on live television.
On Oct. 15 the second presidential debate was postponed till the 22nd due to President Trump testing positive COVID – 19.
The Vice Presidential debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris took place on Oct. 7th. This debate ended up going  viral due to a fly landing on Pence’s head and staying there for several minutes.
Then came the actual election. At first, a very close race between Biden and Trump took place when the results first started coming in.  Anyone could have won at that point. Nevada was one state that took the longest to add up their votes which left everyone in suspense. Then, much to everyone’s surprise,  Georgia flipped  blue which gained  Biden additional electoral votes. Unique when counting electoral votes, Nebraska separated votes for cities like Lincoln and Omaha.  Red dominated Nebraska with two counties of blue. This caused Biden to win the presidency with an electoral vote of 306 to 232. 270 elector votes win an election.
Soon after the announcement Biden had won, Trump took to Twitter to express how he felt about his loss. Trump claimed that Biden won because of voter fraud.  Kamala Harris, Biden’s running mate, became the first female Vice President Elect.
Trump refused to concede the election forcing a hearing in Texas to challenge the votes. President Trump’s attorney Rudy Guilliani led the legal team to contest the election.     On Dec. 14, the electoral college certified Biden’s win in the election.
However, the state of Georgia held a runoff election for Senate. Because no two candidates received a majority vote, the state held another election on Jan. 5th.

Contrasting Opinions
Anna Claire Tilley:

“Even if you can’t vote it’s important to take
an interest in politics because it still impacts high school students. Even though we may not realize it, politics is embedded in every aspect of our society. From the roads we drive on to the rights of minorities, we are dependent on political action to steer the world we live in. While I don’t completely agree with all of their platforms, I support the Biden Harris campaign because they understand the urgency of upholding minority rights and establishing environmental protections. They have ensured that the LGBTQ and women’s rights protections the Trump Administration has rolled back will be reinstated, which I am reliant on for my future and well being,” senior Anna Claire Tilley said.
Hunter Wilbourn:
“It’s extremely important for high schoolers who aren’t old enough to vote to take in politics because one vote could impact so many other voices. The topics that are constantly mentioned by our leaders: climate change, health care, minority rights, etc. are so prevalent and it might not affect you at this moment, but it could most definitely effect your friend who is constantly afraid of their rights being stripped away or your parents who are ever so worried about the increasing prices of our healthcare system. I support the Biden Harris campaign because they share their concern over minority rights, environmental concerns, and are fighting for a United America,” senior Hunter Wilbourn said.
Lane Laroche:
“I support President Trump and Vice President Pence because they put America first. Their campaign’s goal is to build a better America for everyone. Donald Trump is the only president in history to go into office supporting the LGBT community. He is the only president to announce the KKK as a terrorist organization, and actually created a plan to improve the black communities of America, The Platinum Plan. Trump and Pence are unapologetically Pro-Life which is a big thing for me. I also believe that the police of the United States of America are essential and should never be defunded or replaced, they are the sole reason for our safety. He has delivered on every promise he announced on his campaign trail in 2016 and therefore, received my vote this year in the 2020 election,” senior
Lane Laroche said.
Madison Real:
“Me and my family proudly and openly support President Trump because he is one of the only presidents that has actually done what he said. He keeps his word, he is an amazing president, he’s humble, and he shares my beliefs. When he was told he was the most famous person in the world, he disagreed and said that Jesus was. And that just shows how open he is about following God, and I think we need more Presidents like him. Even though I can’t vote yet, I do hope and pray that President Trump wins the election…. In summary, Trump is one of the best presidents to be in office and once I turn eighteen, I will be happy to vote for any Republican that follows in Trump’s footsteps,” sophomore Madison Real said.
Mrs. Waller:
“I thought the voting aspect of the election was a great win for Americans as a whole due to the large numbers coming out! I give a lot of credit to many people out there who pushed the vote especially Stacey Abrams of Georgia. I believe people like Abrams conveyed the importance of voting for whatever you believe. The debates and rallies were not what I would call informative or helpful in any way. I felt our democracy looked silly and embarrassing during the time leading up to the election,” AP U.S. History teacher Kristi Waller said.