Club Revitalized By Seniors


Concerned about climate change, seniors Nabila Siddiqui and Hunter Wilbourn decided to revitalize Earth Club. Earth Club started in 2016, but fell  inactive.

“I wanted to start the club with my friend Nabila, because I share a sympathetic need to share the great concerns over climate change and the wonders of our ecosystems. Plus, some of my greatest role-models: Greta Thunsberg, AOC, and John Muir have shown their understanding and concern towards our planet as well,” club vice-president Wilbourn said.

Earth Club brings students together and educates them about current events occurring in the world’s environment. It gets people to interact with the planet and bring people together in order to create a common concern for something they all share; the Earth.

“Earth Club plans on having eco-friendly lunch dates where we start to gain experience for eating a sustainable lunch without the burden of plastic. We plan to also create activist boards concerning climate change to perhaps hang around the building. We’re hoping to start a community school garden to teach students the simplistic beauty of plant growth,” Wilbourn said. 

Siddiqui tries to encourage more club involvement, but because of Covid, activities may look different this year. 

“I think it’s significantly easier for Earth Club during Covid than some other clubs because Earth Club has a lot of outdoor activities that are easy to do. Since they are outdoors and everyone will be wearing masks, that limits the risk of spreading Covid while still upholding CDC COVID-19 guidelines,” Siddiqui said.

The officers encourage students to join Earth Club because they discuss information directly affecting the world now and possibly the future as well.

“I think people should join because it is a fun club! It gives people the opportunity to be involved with the world around them while also learning about it. If people have the time, Earth Club is definitely worth looking into,” Siddiqui said.