Governor lifts mask mandate

Elijah Owens, Reporter

  Because of the drop in COVID cases and deaths alike, mask mandates receive reprieve this Wednesday March 31. Technically, this executive order ceases on April 1 at midnight. However, this varies from federal to state and from state to local. For instance, even though the mask mandates no longer weigh as much effect as they did in the past, some schools decide to keep the masks on amidst the increasing number of effective vaccinations. Accordingly, it remains seen as to whether or not this initial stance or defense mechanism concedes in the near or distant future. Thus, this article augurs and scrutinizes three attributes of this three-part decision: herd immunity, rise of the COVIDIEN wildfire, and a burning consensus of misinformed controversy.

   When sixty-five to seventy percent of the population becomes immune to the symptoms commonly referred to COVID-19, this garners the title herd immunity. In other words, transmission with the virus dwindles to few and far between to such an extent that it does not affect people nearly as much (i.e. less deaths and chronic illness). Unsurprisingly, this ties into the most ideal narrative. The type of narrative that borders on wishful thinking, a wildfire of sorts that needs drastic measures of dispersion. Despite this, dying to get to heaven creates more problems. As a result, the key to permanently eradicating the lethal spread of COVID-19 must involve radical, substantive action reversing the abhorrent side effects thereof.

   Speaking of which, people already think they do not need to wear masks because of vaccinations. Still, cases continue to accumulate despite this wide-spread notion that vaccinations excuse the need to wear masks and socially distance. Therefore, the number of cases tend to oscillate. Add this to the mask mandates subsiding its reinforcement. Potentially, this leads to an increase in cases because people mistakenly believe this puts them in the clear. By the same token, two negatives, in this case, fails to make a right. Regardless, mask mandates and vaccinations fail to validate the COVIDIEN purpose of ignoring common sense and putting other people at risk, indirectly or otherwise. The country must augur that the lack of masks perpetuate broader, more pronouncedly than a COVIDIEN wildfire.

   More important, the problem lies in the fact that people think vaccinations and lifted mask mandates keep them safe. This perception not only illustrates misconception but also leads to a snowball effect of misinformed, rash decisions causing everyone to suffer. Making assumptions about a virus that does not show up in the clear adds more fuel to the COVIDIAN fire. It massively spreads the image that adhering to reckless, endangering behavior represents the new normal. In reality, this masks an even greater problem: the insidious nature of covert, systemic manipulation tactics ingrained in our culture. Without a doubt, some of the best advice involves looking at the facts, eradicating the misinformation where possible, weighing the pros and cons, and thereby doing what serves the common best interest and makes sense.

  Above all, the decision to wear or not wear masks depends entirely on the person. No institution, place, or mandate encompasses the legitimacy to infringe upon individual rights. Nonetheless, it goes against wise advice to pretend like COVID does not exist just because the mask mandates come off. The face of the matter articulates the ambiguous beauty of free will and the fate of the collective. Essentially, while seemingly discrete, every individual decision affects the collective outcome and vice versa. In sum, if we are to counteract and neutralize a bipolar wildfire, we need water to sustain.