Implications of the Electoral College Delay

Elijah Owens, Southworld reporter

Three days after the election, the victor remains unknown. The President-Elect continues to lurk in the shadows and looms over America’s head like an imminent dark cloud. The election needs to reveal its true colors: Trump Card or Biden Homecoming. Provided that the future POTUS’ cryptic identity seeks to shroud presumably over this weekend, three possible reasons for this historical delay raise a red flag: Trump’s meltdown, Biden’s inevitable homecoming, and the aftermath; how these implications impact how devout Trump supporters react to his fate in the Oval Office.


Holding countless press conferences, Trump accuses Biden and the Dems of stealing his votes. The American people know that neither candidate reached the sweet victory of 270 electoral college votes. As of 9:05 AM CST, Biden sports a healthy, promising 264 votes; Trump lags behind with a decent, yet lackluster 214 votes. Counting all votes, it takes a considerable amount of time to determine whether or not this election holds up its end of the bargain: free and fair. Americans know that because Trump struggles to stomach the idea of losing, his judgment mostly likely skews into wildly inaccurate accusations.


Several spectators war between throwing in the towel to prize Biden as the new President-Elect and waiting to see how far this rabbit hole goes. Most argue, regardless of where they fall on the political spectrum, that this election resembles that of a Biden Homecoming: a sweeping 50 point lead. Nonetheless, premature crowning fails to uphold the ideal of free and fair elections for either candidate. He still needs Georgia and Pennsylvania to sustain said Homecoming. Clearly, with all counted votes, any candidate bolsters the capacity to slide past 270 electoral votes and legitimately steal a home run to the White House.


Days before the election, stores nationwide emptied their shelves of guns. This implicates that with the potency of political tensions, a riot embellishes as more than susceptible; it is a liability smartly eliminated. As fear sweeps over the country, one must realize that more of the same produces, essentially, the same results. So, perhaps, with this mindset, voters recognize that division, hatred, and violence begets the same. Only the opposite produces a different outcome.


Ultimately, while the cause of this delay remains sworn to secrecy, the most pertinent implication pertains not to the candidates but to the voters, or quite simply, the general republic. Regardless who the electoral college crowns as the next president, the American people must find happiness and contentment within. After all, the people make or break the power. The absence of people equates to the absence of power. In the end, the American people must take control over their lives and embrace the fact that their value precedes the vote.