Hooray GSA!!!


Eckville Echo

Elijah Owens, reporter

Even though COVID creates an atmosphere of social distancing and virtual learning, the clubs and organizations on campus, specifically GSA (Gay-Straight Alliances), encourages students to embrace themselves, express their pride, their uniqueness in personality, and support LGBTQ+ causes. Students interested in contributing to the school community to make it a more open, safe space not only represent the community itself but also LGBTQ+ persons nationwide and across the globe. 


GSA’s first meeting kicked off on Oct. 21. Monthly meetings commence on every third Wednesday. Potentially anyone meets the requirements for joining the club. Regardless of one’s sexual orientation and/or gender identity, their support matters.


Contrary to popular belief, sexual orientation exists on a spectrum because of its fluid, versatile, ever-changing nature. As a matter of fact, as with introvert and extrovert, no individual leans one-hundred percent one way or another concerning their sexual orientation; perpetual shades of gray embodies every individual. Students interested in advocating for LGBTQ+ causes must educate themselves (e.g., gay, bisexual, pan, etc.) to understand the complex struggle of coming out and dealing with the homophobic, societal stigma before and after the fact.


By the same token, gender identity also exists on a gray, fluid spectrum. While elusive, regardless of how each individual identifies, everyone falls on a gradient between male and female. To come full circle, as explicitly stated before, not one individual embodies one-hundred percent of anything. One employs the capacity to identify as male or female, cisgender (same gender as born) or transgender, binary or non-binary (not exclusively male or female), not to mention the fundamental difference between biological sex and psychological gender; one identifies with who they most pertinently know themselves as. Students must advocate for the cause to spread awareness on what gender identity means and how to express uniquely.


Everyone meets the requirements to join GSA. Straight allies help support the club as it shows unity through diversity among the LGBTQ+ community and effectively builds bridges. This type of behavior, role modeling altruism and compassion, encourages other potential allies to do the same to create a more equitible, inclusive environment thriving on individualism, freedom of expression, and fairness. Consequently, straight allies likely know an LGBTQ+ person(s) and thereby feel propelled to make life easier, more transparent for the latter.


Above all, joining GSA to become a member presents the excellent opportunity to make the school and the world a better place by spreading awareness, educating all parties involved, and providing a voice for the voiceless. Similarly to any other social injustice issue, even when one thinks that said issue fails to impact them, it does. Every issue affects everybody whether or not direct or indirect. No matter one’s orientation or identity, advocating for basic human rights and equality never hurts anyone; only those who fight this natural evolution. It simply helps. Hooray GSA!!!