Rivarly Week Closes with Battle of Rogers Avenue

Adelaide Browning, Assistant Newspaper Editor

On Friday, August 26 the football team kicked off the new season with one of the most anticipated games of the year. With spirits risen by the pep rally earlier that day, students went into the match with high expectations.

 “I was expecting it to be a close game with a lot of spirit and energy,” senior Duncan Craven said.

Many believe the infamous Southside vs. Northside football game to be one of the most important. “[It’s different] because it’s a cross-town rival game. Also, the people I played with in junior high are on that team, and I want to prove to Northside that we are better,” junior football player John Parkinson said.

The stands of Northside’s Mayo Thompson Stadium were filled to the brim with excited students, parents, and residents of Fort Smith. Student sections for both schools were bustling with students dressed according to the respective themes.

Southside’s esteemed Southern Belles began the festivities with a stellar performance before kickoff. Senior Belle Caitlin Dart was a bit nervous to perform in front of the crowd.

“It is a little bit nerve-racking but it is so exciting and rewarding in the long run and it feels good to have the hard work pay off,” Dart said.

Halftime rolled around with three impressive performances. The cheer teams and marching bands from both Northside and Southside came together to perform on the field.

 “It was so fun to really come together as one! Whether it was dancing or stunting, it was awesome seeing how our two teams work combined,” sophomore cheerleader Coen Browning said. The Northside N’Steppers followed up with a dance routine.

Although the match did not go as well as students and supporters of Southside had hoped, the football team continued to put forth their best effort as it continued.

 “The hardest part was watching the score go up and up while ours didn’t move,” Parkinson said.

With a final score of 42-24 in favor of Northside, the game concluded. Emotions ran high as the loss settled in. 

“The hardest part is keeping your head calm and not letting the emotions get to you,” junior football player Greyson York said.