Basketball Teams Travel To OKC For Non-Conference Game


Gabby Woodie

On the court at Paycom Center, senior Aaron Hall goes in for a layup against a Farmington defender during the final minutes of the game. The team traveled to Oklahoma City for a non-conference matchup, then stayed for the OKC Thunder professional basketball game.

   On Dec. 22, the Maverick basketball teams traveled to the Paycom Center in Oklahoma City to face the Farmington Cardinals in a non-conference matchup. The girls lost 43-70 with the team recording 39 rebounds and 9 steals. The boys lost 43-64 and pulled down 27 rebounds and 9 assists. 

   “I’ve been an Oklahoma City Thunder fan since I can remember, so I was just starstruck. It was great getting to play on a floor that I grew up watching on TV,” senior Jaida Ndungu said.

   Despite the losses, players were proud of their performance. The trip allowed for the teams to get closer together and enjoy fun memories.

   “We played extremely well in the first quarter, and had the opportunity to bond with each other all day long,” junior Sierra Smith said.

   After the games, the Mavs stayed to watch the Oklahoma City Thunder defeat the Denver Nuggets on their home court.

   “It was a really surreal experience, and it was kind of hard to believe that we just played on that same court a few hours before that. It also showed just how different the pace was in the NBA game compared to our own high school game,” senior Xander Naegle said.