Soccer Starts Season After Successful Offseason

Teya Haney, Reporter

The start of spring sports is always exciting. Southside’s soccer season kicked off on February 21st, against Lake Hamilton, with their next game being on March 14th against Mena. 

Preparing for the start of a season is always important, and many of the players take that seriously. The teams worked hard during the entire off-season and put in months of dedication in order to improve, and are prepared for this season.

“We start training in July and go all the way to the end of February for our first game, so we’ve had enough practice and they want to play games,” said Head Coach Mahmoud Ihmeidan.

For freshmen, the first year of a school sport calls for a lot of hard work and a willingness to learn. There are many new events that take dedication to prepare for. It’s a new experience, and the freshmen are already trying to improve their abilities.

“I’m working on knowing more about the fundamentals,” said freshman center back Rose Allen.

Teamwork is needed in every sport, especially in soccer. With practices starting in June and continuing through the start of the season in February, teammates spend a lot of time together and are able to learn to communicate and work together as a team.

“We all get along for the most part and work together really well. That connection plays a big part,” said junior midfielder Evan Nobles.

Soccer is a fun and interactive spring sport, and the team hopes to make it to State this year. The players put in an undeniable amount of hard work and dedication in order to prepare for this season, and are already playing remarkably.