Tennis Finishes Season in State


Haley Richmond

Sophomore Ryder Mack swings for the point for Maverick Tennis.

Teya Haney, Reporter

   Recently, the Southside Tennis team concluded their 2022-2023 season, wrapping up a great year. As with all sports teams, there were many different perspectives on the season.  

   Freshman this year faced an entirely new experience. A new team, new teammates, and the chance to form new friendships. 

   “They [my teammates] really showed that tennis can be played by yourself, but it’s also a group sport, you’re playing together,” said freshman Olivia Whitt.

   Tennis, while being an individual sport, brought a lot of the team together. Many of the team highlighted moments where the team interacted together, rather than being alone. 

   “I got to meet people from other areas of Arkansas, and then also with my team, which grew friendships,” said freshman Destiny Baron.

   This was also the last year for seniors to play on the team. A bittersweet year has come to an end, and all seniors have something they will miss. 

   “I’m probably going to miss the team aspect of tennis because tennis is super individual,” said senior Cate Cole.

   Many of the seniors plan on going to college for tennis, including Robinson Wright, who is signing to play tennis at Hendrix University.

   “I’m very happy. I’m very pleased with my decision,” said Wright.

   Matches, while being competitive, were also a source of fun for the team. Games were a bonding experience, especially in doubles matches, where two teammates were playing together.

   “My favorite memories would be the jokes that me and my doubles partner made at every match,” said senior Lilli Bartsch. 

   No matter the results, the seniors got to celebrate their last season on Southside Tennis, and even though it has come to an end, some great memories have come out of it. 

   The Tennis State Tournament was also successful for the tennis team. Robinson Wright and Grayson Conley won in the first round against Conway and beat Catholic as well to move on to the semifinals. Cate Cole beat Jonesboro in the first round, advancing into the semifinals by beating Conway as well. 

   “It’s the best we’ve ever played,” said Grayson Conley. 

   Overall the Tennis team wrapped up an impressive season. The Tennis team is very group-oriented and works hard together to achieve impressive results.

   “Our players have good team camaraderie and do a very good job of getting behind their teammates,” said Head Coach Benjamin Stovall.