Mavericks Take on Razorback Stadium

Amie Doan, Reporter

On October 7th, the Southside varsity football team played against Fayetteville at Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium with a score of 60-20. The football team continued to give it their all even if the game did not turn out as well as Southside’s students and supporters wanted.

“We knew we were going to go against a good team– it was a good experience for the kids because they got to play in the Razorback Stadium,” Assistant Football Coach Justin Key said.

Southside had an early 7-0 lead, but their 6-play drive ended with a 2-yard scramble to the end zone.

We could have not turned the ball over and limited their explosive plays better. This would have limited their scoring and enhanced our chances of scoring,” Head Football Coach Kim Dameron said.

Kicker Jackson Delassus’ yard field goal for Southside early in the second quarter reduced the lead to 14-10. Until Fayetteville took it back for a touchdown return, Southside was in the leading position.

“There were many different strategies in all phases of the game we tried to deploy. Some were successful and some weren’t,” Dameron said.

Before the half, Southside added another touchdown. After the third period, the Bulldogs had more of a lead.

“I thought we were gonna play a little bit harder than we did. I thought we were gonna at least put a 30 on the board,” Wide receiver Xander Conner said.

Despite our good plays, the defensive back for the Bulldogs scored the last points.

“We could have gone better in the game defensively, or we could have put more pressure on the quarterback,” defensive end Kage Castling said.

In addition to supporting our football team, the game provided students with a chance to enjoy Fayetteville with their friends.

“Even though it didn’t end very well I think a lot of people had fun and it was a good experience,” said Delassus.