Homecoming Friday Night Lights

AvaLyn Sexton, Co-Newspaper Editor

Each year at Southside, homecoming week is a huge ordeal. Whether the reason for that is spirit week, voting for homecoming maids, or just the enthusiasm everyone has throughout the week, the homecoming football game is undoubtedly what everything else is leading up to. On the night of October 14, the stadium filled with students that showed up to support the Southside football team, and end an exciting week with a very eagerly-awaited event. 

“I think we played a great game. It’s a big event with lots of people. [It] feels like it gives you more of a purpose,” running-back Issac Gregory said.

An event that makes the homecoming game enjoyable for students and Southside families is the annual homecoming game halftime show. This event showcases students from all sorts of clubs and organizations from around Southside, combining certain things to make the performance bigger than in a regular game. 

“My favorite thing about the halftime show was performing with freshman cheer. The cheer team prepared for the performance a lot. I enjoyed my performance and I enjoy every time I’m on the field,” sophomore cheerleader Lexi Griffith said. 

The homecoming game isn’t only fun for players and performers, but for the student body as well. Southside consistently keeps a plethora of students filling the stands in support of their football team. 

“It felt great. We had a good student section. I like being a leader in the student section,” senior Zeb Allen said. 

All of the students that attended the homecoming game can say that they are proud to have been there to witness Southside’s win, and have another year of homecoming week to add to their memory.