Cross Country Continues Success

AvaLyn Sexton, Co-Newspaper Editor

Southside’s cross-country team is constantly working to prepare for their next race. On Saturday, October 1, boy’s and girl’s cross-country teams made their way to Northwest Arkansas to compete in this year’s Chili Pepper Cross-Country Festival. The festival was initially created to bring Arkansas cross-country teams together under one event, but it has now turned into a nationally-recognized competition. 

“Chili Pepper is a great way to make friends from out of state,” senior Marissa Goodwin said. “I really like how all the teams are nice and motivational to each other.”

Runners appreciate the uplifting environment provided by the festival, in comparison to the rougher side of the sport. 

“Events like Chili Pepper benefit runners because a lot of people don’t look at the fun side of running. They look at the miserable and painful side of running. Chili Pepper is a great example of fun running and runners always look forward to things like this,” sophomore Angel Hernandez said. 

The Chili Pepper Festival is also well known for the merchandise they sell, as well as unique fundraisers each year. This is one of the most enjoyable parts of the festival for runners and their families and friends. 

“My favorite part was going there and checking out all the tents and things to do there. One of my favorite parts was when my brother, Corban, got a terrible haircut for some free shoes,” sophomore Eli Kareus said.

The Chili Pepper Cross-Country Festival is an exciting and unique event for runners, providing them with long-lasting memories and more experience in their sport.