Annual Football Homecoming Ceremony Crowns Queen


Kaley Bonnett

Homecoming Queen Alexa Crowder is interviewed by Mav Media Reporter Jayden Tran after the ceremony.

Ella McEntire, Co-Newspaper Editor

The homecoming game on October 14 began with the annual football homecoming maid ceremony. This year an additional maid is found in the count for each class, bringing seniors to five maids and freshmen, sophomores, and juniors to four. The list of maids came through students’ emails shortly after the end of the elections.
“When I found out I was a maid I was ecstatic! I immediately called all of my friends and family,” sophomore maid Mischa Soubiron said.
After maids are announced the many forms of preparation begin for the big day. This includes dress shopping, scheduling appointments, and making other arrangements for the homecoming to go smoothly.
“Dress shopping was my favorite part of preparing. I went to Oklahoma and got the perfect dress,” Soubiron said.
On the day of homecoming, festivities began with a pep rally in the morning where maids walk across the field in front of their classmates to be recognized.
“The handshake with Evan Shelby,” junior maid Mary Catherine Johnston said about her favorite part of the pep rally. “We put on sunglasses, we did a little dance, and we did a belly bump.”
The ceremony takes place that evening before the kickoff of the football game. Each maid is escorted by a member of their family across the field for recognition.
“I would say that it was really magical. It was a whole new experience. It just felt good to represent my class and know that you put forth work and you get accomplishments and people appreciate it. I loved every bit of it,” freshman maid Madelyn Maxey said about her first homecoming ceremony.
While freshmen students are only now first experiencing homecoming, some maids from upper grades are returning members of the court.
“I feel so honored that the students would vote for me twice. The whole homecoming experience was so special, from going to choose dresses with my mom, to standing out on the field with my dad. It is something that I’m going to remember for the rest of my life, and I’m really so thankful for everyone who voted for me,” senior maid Izabelle Simonian said.
The ceremony concludes with the awaited crowning of the homecoming queen. This year allowed voting to take place among students of all grades to determine which senior maid is crowned queen. After the entire court is recognized, it is revealed that Alexa Crowder is this year’s football homecoming queen.
“I was in total shock! I was not expecting them to call my name! I am extremely grateful and appreciative to be in the court and even more so chosen as queen!” Crowder said.
The homecoming night ended in the best way with a win for the Maverick Football team over Rogers Heritage. The annual basketball homecoming will take place in February, where new maids will be elected and a second queen will be crowned.