Tribute to Elvis Presley

Taya Haney, Reporter

Everyone awaited Friday night’s homecoming football game on October 14. An exciting thought in everyone’s mind is always winning,  but another exciting factor is the Southside Band. The band performed a tribute show to Elvis Presley during halftime, and it quickly became a fan favorite. The band started off playing Can’t Help Falling in Love, followed by Burning Love, C.C. Rider, and Love Me Tender, and ended with Can’t Help Falling in Love.

“Watching how everything came together, and knowing all of the sections’ sections to going as a full, and watching it develop across three weeks of summer band and all of our in school practice was a really cool thing. Most people wouldn’t see that side of it,” sophomore drumline member Jett Welborn said.

The Southside band is full of fun and entertaining performances. The band also features Color Guard and Majorettes, all of which make their performances engaging for everyone watching. The band’s Elvis performance left a phenomenal impression. Southside’s talented band is always continuing to get better.