Sip of French Culture


Pluto Douglas, Assistant Newspaper Editor

Southside High School is making efforts to be more diverse and rich in its local culture. For example, the Asian Culture Club exists to celebrate and inform students about Asian holidays, events, and cuisine. The school also offers Spanish, French, and German classes- with each subject having its own club and honor society. September 23, 2022, held the first meeting of the French Club, which is currently reserved for students of the language. The meeting’s agenda consisted of “wine” (grape juice) and cheese tasting.

Students of the French Club seek to immerse themselves in the country’s culture and activities. “Wine” and cheese tasting is relevant to the French which is the reason it was chosen.

 “Our first meeting of the year was a grape and cheese party! We choose this activity because it is very ‘French’, and we are lucky to be able to buy imported French cheeses here in Fort Smith. It let students try some new cheese and helped to expand their palates,” French teacher Laura Smith said.

The ability to taste genuine French cheeses is a unique experience that the students enjoyed. Not only are they learning and growing as people, but they also get to enjoy a snack during the day! In the future, the French club will remain student-centric.

 “I like for members to give me suggestions for activities they want to do, and I try to make those happen,” Laura Smith said about upcoming plans. 

French Club is a perfect opportunity to get outside of your American comfort zone. If you have the option, consider taking a French class next year. You will get the chance to learn a new language, culture, and experience something entirely new. À bientôt students!