Freshman Rivalry Starts Season

AvaLyn Sexton, Co-Newspaper Editor

With it only being Southside’s second year to have freshmen on campus, freshman football is an exciting thing for students. More so, Northside vs. Southside games are always a great way to see how the players will step up during their transition from middle school to high school, as they figure out how they work with each other on a larger team.

“I felt energetic during the game. There is way better competition than middle school,” quarterback Wilson Key said. “We should have a good season and we bond really well.”

Each player had a different view on how the game went, and how they felt during the game. Some players found motivation in the fact that the game was being played against Northside.

“Man I was hurting. I kept getting hit by the other team and that was not fun, but overall it was kind of motivating because we were playing our rivals,”  inside wide receiver Peyton Zimmerman said.

The football players are not the only ones who are getting used to high school games. Cheer and dance also performed at the first game against their rival school.

“That was our first performance at Northside. It was fun just getting to sit and watch the other dance teams and cheer teams performing,” freshman Maverick Star McKenzie Scoggins said.

The first game of the year being against Southside’s rival school made for the perfect way to set up another season of freshmen football, not only for the team but for all of the freshman Mavericks.