Soccer Brings Students Together

AvaLyn Sexton, Co-Newspaper Editor

   Arguably everyone’s favorite period of the day, lunch isn’t usually a time you would consider to be spent outside practicing your sport. However, a group of Southside students has taken it upon themselves to start a small soccer team during the A lunch period. 

   “Soccer is really fun for anyone. All of us can agree that soccer is really fun, no matter what. I enjoy that we take risks, and no matter what we all have fun,” Yahir Romero said.

   The group of soccer players seems to grow throughout the lunch period, as the students make new friends and get to know each other. Some of them have played before, and some of them decide to join in and learn.

   “Why would I be inside and do nothing? I like going outside. And soccer brings everyone together,” Khriz Ramirez said.

   Although the group is partially composed of total strangers, the lunch period soccer team all get along well with each other, and never fail to have fun. Southside students are taking advantage of their lunch hour, creating new friendships, and getting in some extra soccer practice in their free time.