Students Share Their Summer Vacation Stories


AvaLyn Sexton, Co-Newspaper Editor

Summer has come to an end, and the new school year is in full swing. Being back in the school building, many Southside students have excitedly conversed about the places they explored over the summer. Each person had a different experience, which resulted in many stories and memories to share.

“I went to Indian Rocks Beach in Florida. We went to the beach every day, and I loved the aquarium,” senior Jess Minnick said. 

Florida is a very loved location for many students each summer. However, some students went in search of a different climate for their vacation. 

“I took a cruise to Alaska and Canada. The scenery was stunning and the weather was outstanding. The absolute best part was kayaking with humpback whales. Being out on the water in a tiny kayak really put into perspective how massive these animals are. The light fog on the mountains that rolled onto the ocean provided for an ethereal experience,” senior Lance Roffine said.

While some students were becoming one with nature, others were in large cities experiencing something bigger than what can be found in Arkansas.

“Over the summer I went to New York twice. We went to a couple of shows I’ve been dying to see,” sophomore Mischa Soubiron said. “I really liked the second time, because I got to bring my best friend, Ellie, with me. It was her first time in a big city, so it was cool to see how she reacted to it.”

Not only did several Southside students come back with stories about their travels, but some teachers did too.

“This summer I traveled to South Dakota. I liked the Black Forest. I also liked the fact that Mount Rushmore added new trails, therefore it looked a lot bigger whenever you got close to the mountain,” history teacher and cross country coach Juan Zermeno said. 

Because Southside students and staff were so spread out over the summer, being back at school has allowed for memories and experiences to be shared. Summer trips helped to make coming back to school more enjoyable, as the Mavs find things they have in common with one another and bond over their travels.