Blacklight Pep Rally Kicks Off Football Season

Ella McEntire, Co-Newspaper Editor

   On August 25, The “Lights Out On The Bears” pep rally generated excitement for the Southside football game against Northside the following night. Attendees wore neon or white clothing and took part in fun activities throughout the night.

   “Everyone’s outfits and paint looked wonderful in the blue light,” freshman Maverick Star Shelby Soto said.

   While the neon themed costumes allowed for creativity among students, the Southside drumline also made for a memorable spectacle.

    “My favorite part was how everyone reacted to us lighting up the bass drums. We used neon paint and glow sticks to incorporate neon and we had a few pairs of light up sticks to add more cool effects into our look,” sophomore drumline member Jett Welborn said.

   In addition to staying on theme with the night, the drumline played lively music while students danced and showed their school spirit.

   “I find the drums so interesting and cool and it really helps everyone get pumped up and excited,” junior Josephine Clamser said.

   The Lights Out pep rally proved to be a fun night and added another activity to the exciting rivalry week. The event supported our football team, as well as giving students an opportunity to celebrate Southside with their friends. 

   “It got everyone hyped up. Just yelling and cheering for Southside really brings the spirit and positivity,” Soto said.