Choral Festival Features Scholastic Vocalists

Keira McTyre, Reporter

   Over 700 students participated in the City Choral Festival on Oct. 2. First Methodist Church hosted the event. Students from Southside, Northside, Chaffin, Darby, Kimmons, Ramsey, and more come to the City Choral Festival every year to practice music for Choir All-Region. 

   The students practiced All-Region music for the first half of the day, and went to the nave of the church for the second. There, the middle school choirs sang their All-Region music to the high school students, and the high school choirs sang their All Region music to the middle school students. 

   High school All-Region songs for mixed choir are ‘Adoramus Te’ and ‘In Meeting We are Blessed.’ Sopranos and altos also sing ‘When the Earth Stands Still,’ and tenors and basses sing ‘Non Nobis, Domine.’ 

   “My favorite piece is Adoramus Te because it had room for creativity since phasing was easiest to exaggerate on that piece. It’s also in Latin, which is a fun language to sing in,” junior Jewell Callahan said.