Social Media Boosts Club


Images submitted by club members participating in Meatless Monday, Tupperware Tuesday, and Water-Bottle Wednesday.

Natalie Chuong, Reporter

In the fall of 2020, alumni Nabila Siddiqui and Hunter Wilbourn re-established Earth Club. What started off with 45 members evolved to 135 current members. 

“I felt that Southside needed a strong Earth-focused club. Some upperclassmen told me about it,” Siddiqui said.

 The first event for Earth Club took place in September of 2020 and held a trash clean-up at Ben Geren Park. In August, the club gained interest from the new freshmen and sophomores, allowing sponsor John Lehman and the officers  to plan bigger events for Earth Club. 

“We are planning to do a clean-up at Ben Geren park in October and will most likely be participating in the ‘Keep Fort Smith Beautiful’ event which takes place in the spring,” president Urvi Sharma said. 

Sharma also runs the club social media account, @earthclub_shs. Students share their involvement on Instagram with Meatless Monday, Tupperware Tuesday, and Water-bottle Wednesday every two weeks.

“I love Earth Club! I encourage anyone and everyone to join. It’s fun to do good for our environment at a young age. It’s a club where everybody can make an impact somehow,” Sofia Reyes said.