Seniors Customize Parking Spots

   Seniors customized, designed, and painted parking spots on Sept. 18 and Sept. 25. Fifty-eight seniors painted in the east parking lot, from 8am to 3pm both days. 

   “I think it’s really cool. I think that everyone gets to have a little unique edge to their spot. Like, I think it adds some art to the parking lot, you look over and it looks really interesting because everyone just has their own little bright colors on their spot, ” senior Logan Kern said.

   Hosted by the Senior Council, the tradition helps with providing money for future events while allowing students to show school spirit.

   “It’s nice to do something outside of school with people that is positive and with art, and they really can be creative and artsy. Yeah. I thought it was fun to watch people come up with ideas and how they did everything,” Senior Council sponsor Robyn Fowler said.

   German teacher Fowler coordinated the event and chaperoned. 

   “I am really happy about mine because I get really good parking. And it’s nice to know that I have somewhere to park every day regardless of who else is here,” senior Caroline Keck said.

Caroline’s friends call her Care Bear. Her design includes bright colors, and a motivational quote at the top. She wanted to do something encouraging and bright on her design. 


Senior Kiara Smiley paints spot 89 on Sept. 18. Smiley’s design included a frog wearing a cowboy hat. (Kate Bunnell)