Students Recognize Underdog Sports

Nabila Siddiqui, Southworld reporter

Consistency defines Volleyball. Consistency in outstanding performance, in being the best team in conference, in qualifying for state each year, but also, consistency in not getting recognition for its performance. Instead, sports like football and basketball, sports that definitely don’t get close to winning any state championships, get much more support and recognition.

Celebrating sports that usually don’t receive recognition is one way Southside changed. Students left class and headed to the gym to line up and support volleyball. The Belles and cheer made signs and used confetti to encourage the girls. Other students cheered, chanted, and demonstrated the student body’s consistency in its school spirit as volleyball ran out.

At the end, everyone lined up for the team to walk out. Players beamed, waved, and genuinely appreciated the send off. Now perhaps, Southside can start being consistent with its support for its underdog sports.