Athletes follow strict meal plans

Elena Guerra

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Athletes focus eating habits based on the requirements needed for individual sports. For example, people in cross country need to watch their carb intake, to have energy to burn after long runs.
“For cross country, I try to limit my breakfast while getting more protein and carbs. This is usually like eggs or a granola bar. Lunch is the usual carb up with a turkey sandwich or pasta along with crackers and cheese. After the run is where the real carb up comes into play because you have to replenish the carbs you lost,” senior Collin Gushing said.
For wrestling, the athletes need to stay inside a specific weight bracket to be assigned a fair competitor during matches. The weight brackets change depending on the season, and the wrestlers focus their eating habits around a specific bracket.
“Dieting really depends on how much weight you have to drop and how quickly you have to drop it. There are different weight classes, and they kind of shift after Thanksgiving and Christmas to give us more room to be over but still be in the same bracket,” senior Dominik Garretson said.
Football offensive coordinator Tadd Stewart advises the football players to eat vegetables and protein, and to watch their carbs. Stewart varies his intake recommendations depending on whether the players need to lose or gain weight.
“Coaches from an early age stress a healthy diet to build muscle and fuel an athlete. The coaches usually recommend that we eat vegetables, fruits, and protein to go along with our practices,” senior Wesley Schwartz said.

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Athletes follow strict meal plans