Downtown Deli on Pointe

Raquel Spencer

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Hungry much? Finding enjoyable and delicious food can be hard enough, especially on the go. The gas station called Garrison Pointe Market & Café located in downtown Ft. Smith is a food oasis. The convenience store sells gourmet chips, sandwiches, salads, and offers daily specials.

    The deli prepares homemade, house barbecue chips. Small batches of fresh potatoes fried crisp and seasoned store in bins for easy access by the cooks.  The chips redefine fresh, with a very crunchy texture.  Made from scratch daily, the chips don’t have the texture of stale, store chips.

                Market & Café serves a variety of sandwiches, especially the most popular dish, the turkey club. The buttered bread and grilled turkey makes this hearty flavor scrumptious. Another sandwich at the Market & Café is the herb-grilled chicken. This hoagie’s mouthwatering and the chicken can be placed fresh salads, too.      

                The Café also provides delicious chicken strips. With many types of chicken like southern style each chicken has a juicy bite with mouthwatering flavor. Every chicken strip meals come provided with fries, but can be substituted with their chips or onion rings.  The chicken strip meals cost $4, which seems to be a good buy, since the strips are relatively big.

                To enjoy these delicious foods, the Market & Café located downtown Ft. Smith.  In the Garrison Pointe gas station. Market & Café is open Monday through Friday and serves lunch from 11:00 to 2:00.

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Downtown Deli on Pointe