Art club submits artwork for Elvis book

Makaia Brown

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Recently the 25 members of the Art Club submitted their drawings and paintings of Elvis Presley for a book. In the past, Elvis Presley stayed at Fort Chaffee and received a haircut before joining the Army. All of the Art II and III students had the opportunity to use any form of tools to create their work.

   “It made me feel like my work was just as important as anyone else’s work was. To have my work displayed made me feel proud that my work is helping create something for everyone to see and share with their friends and family,” senior Melanie Rice said.

   Art students based their work off of a picture taken from his visit in Arkansas. Students chose between various types of art tools to pick out what they wanted to use for their work.

    “Once I found out what I wanted to paint the artwork started to have more meaning. I love music and Elvis is one of the most iconic musicians of all time. So, my piece represents the two things I’m most passionate about, which is music and art,” senior Andrea Gomez said.

   Each of the students who helped build this book received a copy of it. Other students who want access to the book can find it at the Fort Smith Public Library and schools.

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Art club submits artwork for Elvis book