High school Quiz Bowl coach chosen for TV segment

Melanie Rice

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On Feb. 27 three members of an AETN film crew interviewed Quiz Bowl coach Josh Adams. A segment featuring Adams will air April …. during the state final Quiz Bowl tournament.

Quiz bowl started in 1953 and was introduced at Southside in.  The national academic quiz tournament questions teams on topics ranging from history, literature, fine arts and science, even current events.

AETN’s promotional commercial series featuring Quiz Bowl coaches highlights strategies and how schools balance scheduling.

“We have practices Monday through Thursday. They come to the practices when they can, if they have an extracurricular they have to go to they will tell me. If they haven’t shown up I will tell them they need to come.”

A complete practice was taped with Adams being miked. 

“They taped the whole practice; they had a mic clipped on my shirt and passed a mic around the students to listen to their answers,” Adams said.

“We practice listening for keywords, when to buzz in and when not too. We also use practice lists of vocabulary.”

 For example when interviewed Adams explained how “He works with both the student’s schedules and his schedules to plan practices before games.”


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High school Quiz Bowl coach chosen for TV segment