Robotics club competes against Bryant

Andraea Aguilera

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Members of the Robotics Club competed with 29 other teams in the High School Division on Jan. 13 in Bryant, Arkansas.

“The objective was to stack cones on these goals and then push those goals into another zone. There were three different zones. One was five points, ten, and then twenty. We only stacked cones on the goals, we couldn’t push them,” senior Ian McCarty said.

The team entered the quarter finals as the fifth alliance team and made it up to the semi-final round.  

“I was impressed how our small three member team was able to persevere and adapt their way into the semi-finals. I was very proud,” sponsor Mason Pyper said.

            In two weeks, the team competes in Star City under the same criteria.  


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Robotics club competes against Bryant