Art department chair retires

Elena Guerra

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Head of the fine arts program Marcia Tomlin retires after almost 29 years of teaching at Southside. The alumnus began teaching here in 1989, after she graduated in 1981.

“Teaching here has been a huge part of my life. Work kind of becomes one’s identity after so many years.  People I meet always ask, “what do you do?” Until now, my response has always been, “I’m an art teacher.” But I will always be proud to say I was a teacher at Southside,” Tomlin said.

            As head of the fine arts program, Tomlin held regular meetings within the visual arts branch after school to discuss curriculum changes and lesson plans. Principal Wayne Haver chose her to be the department head, as she was the teacher who had the most seniority.

            “Southside has many wonderful faculty and staff and I will miss getting to talk with all of them and share in all of the innovative things that are always happening. Although I’m mostly old school, I enjoy hearing about all the new ideas that our talented staff develop. I will also miss the daily student interactions. Every day somebody makes me laugh or shares a humorous story about their lives. I also will miss seeing my art students and all the creative solutions which they inevitably come up with. The outpouring of creativity from students over the years has never failed to amaze me,” Tomlin said

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Art department chair retires