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Kayla Curry

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    Dr. Phillip Barling 

What do students need to do to prevent stress or exhaustion?
“Basic stress management includes sufficient rest, nutritious diet, and physical exercise daily. A necessary key is to learn to recognized when we are stressed. Too often, we keep pushing ourselves without thinking about how we feel.”

How much sleep do students need to function aptly?
“Most experts recommend getting eight to ten hours nightly. In contrast, one recent study found that only 15% of teens reported getting eight and a half hours.”

How much does mental health affect physical health?
“Mental health and physical health are very strongly related. Depression, anxiety, chronic tension all have negative effects on our physical health. Our basic health practices of sleep, nutrition, exercise are affected by our mental health and, in that way, can affect our physical health.”

How can students reduce the amount of stress they feel?
“One way in which we can alter our experience of stress is by changing our perspective. For example, let’s say that I have a big project due for class. If I think about the project as ‘stupid, irrelevant to my life, and time-consuming’, then completing it will be quite stressful. However, if I think about the project as ‘how can I make this interesting and relevant to me?’ I will experience less stress doing it.“ HOW we think about something determines how much stress we will experience from it.”

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