Alex Siebenmorgen

Elena Guerra

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Senior Alex Siebenmorgen found a hobby in exploring the mountain biking trails in Arkansas. Siebenmorgen usually goes mountain biking around two to three times a week, usually by himself or with a group or a few friends.

“It’s a great rush, it gets me outdoors and in nature and it’s good exercise. I prefer mountain biking over other sports because there’s always something new to experience and see, whether it’s a new trail, a different system, or just exploring a different state. I also like it because you can see some of the most beautiful spots in a state park by going through and exploring the trails that lead you there”, Siebenmorgen said.

Siebenmorgen plans on applying to Colorado School of Mines, University of Arkansas, Vanderbilt, and Colorado State University. His academics interests lie within the STEM field, specifically physics, chemistry, and calculus. He is also interested in history. He hopes to continue his hobby wherever he decides to go.

“I hope to go to a college where there are really good mountain biking trails that are close by so that I can keep mountain biking for the next few years”, Siebenmorgen said.

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Alex Siebenmorgen