Mydia Phan

Elena Guerra

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            Along with being a National Merit Semi Finalist, senior Mydia Phan also plays piano. Now and for over a decade, Phan continues to actively learn new songs by watching YouTube videos and practicing by ear. For Phan, playing piano acts as a relaxing pastime and an enjoyable hobby.


“I’ve played piano for over ten years, clarinet for four years, and guitar for two years. Since I’ve played piano the longest I am most familiar with it and the best at it. I used to play in recitals and take lessons, but I stopped taking them around two or three years ago, and now I teach myself learning new songs as I go. I like piano because you can play all the parts of a song, including harmonies, bass line, and melody with just one instrument”, Phan said.


            Phan finds motivation to play by performing for her family and practicing for stress relief and fun. Although Phan enjoys the piano, she intends to pursue her interests in math, biology, chemistry, or psychology in college. She plans on applying to Columbia University, MIT, and Washington University in Saint Louis.


            “I don’t really plan on entering any music fields in college. Playing piano is more of a hobby that I have, and not a career path. I think I will continue to practice piano if the college that I end up going to has one, or I might bring my other instruments to play and practice there too,” Phan said.

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Mydia Phan