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Annabelle Dickson

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Tweets bombard every feed with updates on the newly released third season of ‘Stranger Things.’ Laptop loading Netflix, the screen flickers and a pop-up appears. ‘Opening this website requires payment to the internet provider.’ Netflix now costs $30 a month thanks to the lack of net neutrality. While hypothetical for now, this future looms over America.
Under President Obama, the Federal Communications commission classified internet connection as a telecommunication service. This keeps internet providers from cutting access, charging a fee, or slowing connection speed for trying to reach specific websites in favor of their own similar services.
Neutrality now met, the free internet exists with no squabbles between providers. Most people find net neutrality beneficial, allowing them access to all things internet. But those who run companies providing internet service tend to disagree, stating that these laws prevent a free market while protecting a free internet, opening the door for Trump Era legislation.
Push for growth in the American economy prompted FCC chairman Ajit Pai to announce a vote to end net neutrality, taking place on Dec. 14th. With a Republican majority, the FCC faces no opposition to remove interenet access from a Title II classification, which keeps the internet safe from censorship and for-profit blocks.
Outrage following this announcement spread across the country. Chairman Pai stated that any complaints filed on the FCC website without legal reasoning hold no value. The best option- contact local congress members by visiting and voice opinions on these possible changes. Fight for the ability to press play on all internet sites.

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