Truth evades uneducated

Annabelle Dickson

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Dramatic headlines depict the Trump administration’s decision to repeal DACA, an executive order under former President Obama protecting children smuggled into the US. With each side telling a different story, Americans need to educate themselves before forming an opinion.
DACA granted two year work and education visas to illegal immigrants up to age 31 in 2012 with no felonies and less than three misdemeanors. In the United States, executive orders lacking Congressional approval violate the law. Four years of Obama’s term passed after DACA and in that time Congress failed to decide on the order. President Trump allowed a six month period for Congress to decide on DACA before revoking visas.
News sources on the right and left slander each other without relaying the facts. In turn, Americans pick sides without truly researching the details. DACA recipients, also known as dreamers, fail to understand their own legal status while protesting for their protection that they never legally acquired. On the other side, right wing Trump supporters directly bashed the President for tweeting about educated and accomplished dreamers staying in the country. Neither side understands the complexity of DACA or researches for truth.
Currently, the President lacks the necessary communication skills to handle delicate situations. Although a wonderful resource, presidential addresses lose clarity when posted on Twitter. To ensure that the American public understands the intentions of the Trump administration; only clear, concise messages deserve publishing.
Rushing to side with whatever sounds best harms the truth. Social media pushes information out before verification in many instances. Conflict then arises from simple situations.
Truth evades those who look for the easiest option. One news article shows only one stance. Be diligent and search for answers. 

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Truth evades uneducated