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Annabelle Dickson

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In an era where fake news makes the headlines and Generation Z depends on Twitter to tell them about the world, reliable news sources appear less frequently than push notifications. YouTube allows for independent creators to express unaffiliated opinions on major headlines.
The Philip DeFranco Show, created in 2006, presents pressing news stories with an entertaining host to deliver the facts. This YouTube channel changes news consumption and students need to check it out.
Philip DeFranco created his YouTube channel to spark conversations about top stories in the world. His content centers on news and pop culture stories recommended by his subscribers. DeFranco follows a policy for each story; first the facts, then his thoughts on the topic, and finally the viewers opinions in the comments. The Friday Show features DeFranco’s response to comments on videos posted Monday through Thursday. He hopes that by doing this, a dialogue opens to different opinions.
In a recent story regarding popular YouTuber, Pewdiepie, using a racial slur and other YouTubers commenting on the situation; DeFranco directly confessed his friendship with a creator some found hypocritical.
As news outlets known by name seem to lose credibility, consumers flock to new channels for information. The Philip DeFranco Show cites its sources in the description of each video and separates the facts from the opinions. After pushing play on DeFranco’s next video, don’t forget to subscribe for future news content.

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