Seniors use free time to find college friends

Sarah Long, Southworld co-editor

With coronavirus leading to the cancellation of senior activities and the school day, seniors are using their time to learn more about their future classmates in college. Using Instagram pages and GroupMe’s, students search for roommates and friends.

“Quarantine has definitely enabled me to take a step back from my busy schedule and prepare for college. I’ve interacted with the University of Arkansas’s class of 2024 through social media to establish new friendships and further existing ones. I’ve gotten closer to many people and I am beyond excited to take on college with them,” senior Mira Bhakta said.

Many anonymous users run Instagram pages with names such as “(College name) 2024,” where students upload pictures of themselves and list their major, plans to rush, interests, high school, place of residence, and if they need a roommate. With some students living in situations where the dorm room requires three additional roommates, such as the Quads dormitory at University of Arkansas, the pages work as an excellent resource.

“Some of the interactions I had were boring and some were not very enthusiastic. However, when I met the roommates I decided to stay with, we had a click. We all had common interests but we were also different enough to keep each other grounded. We started talking more and more and even Face-timed some nights because two of the girls were from Texas and the other was in New York. We got along really well and I’m excited to be living with them next year,” senior Angie Ha said.

For students attending out-of-state schools, being quarantined offers them the opportunity to get to know future classmates living across the country. Through social media sites such as Instagram, students can use people’s profiles to find more students attending their schools, allowing them to make friends in a completely foreign city.

“I’ve spent time looking through multiple social media’s just looking for people who are going to the same college as me. I then found one of my now friends who put me in several group chats so I could talk to people in my major or my program. Soon, I’ll be going up to D.C. for an orientation where I will be able to meet even more people from around the nation,” senior Seth Geoates said.