Seniors attend University of Arkansas Honors College Fellowship weekend

Sarah Long, Southworld co-editor

Heading to Fayetteville, Arkansas, on March 8-9, seniors Mahdir Anower, Emmie Burgess, Sarah Long, Anthony Pham, and Madison Settlage interviewed for the University of Arkansas’ Fellowship Scholarship. On March 16, the Honors College awarded the five interviewees the scholarship.

“I went into Fellowship weekend scared to death! It was so overwhelming being surrounded by such an incredible group of seniors. Most of the things we did were pretty relaxed, but we were mostly just filled with anticipation about the interview. The night before, we got to meet with a mentor to help prepare us and I got to talk to a few Southside alums who had gotten the scholarship and they were so helpful with calming us down. The interview was only 15 minutes, but the whole day was centered around it,” Burgess said.

Over 170 students attended Fellowship Weekend to interview, with 90 students  receiving the scholarship. The Honors College Fellowship awards $18,000 a year, which combined with the Governor’s Scholarship, offered the Southside recipients a full-ride. Eligibility requirements for the scholarship included scoring at least a 32 on the ACT and a minimum 3.80 weighted high school GPA. Long received the Sturgis Fellowship, designated to students with a major in Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences. The Honors College offered four Sturgis fellowships.

“Finding out I was awarded a University of Arkansas fellowship was a great honor and relief. I felt that my hard work in high school finally paid off. I am looking forward to starting the next chapter of my life at the University of Arkansas honors college,” Settlage said.

Besides Burgess, who plans to attend the University of Mississippi, all the Fellowship recipients plan to attend the University of Arkansas. As part of the requirements, the students plan to stay in Hotz Honors dorm on the fifth and sixth floor.

“The financial package, meaning my undergraduate four years were free, was a good incentive. Also, Hotz seemed to be an academically challenging environment,” Anower said.