People Precede Party

The two-party system -Democrat or Republican- does not matter nor does it determine the quality, character, or integrity of a person. Pro-choice or pro-life, one’s opinion matter. Liberal or conservative does very little for the health and well-being of the world. Race does not dictate what person or party you vote for. Keep an open mind with an objective perspective.

Each individual possesses a different set of morals, viewpoints, and ideologies, but siding with pro-choice or pro-life contains equal value. No one can blame another person for saying, “It is okay for a woman to abort her fetus if xyz happened to her.” Conversely, bias and unfairness shows when another claims, “getting an abortion is an unquestionably wrong, abominable, and immoral sin.” For example, when an unwanted pregnancy shrouds a mother, she accesses the right to decide in her best interest. In reality, every situation embodies a gray area; right or wrong blends together on a moral spectrum.

Liberal or conservative, personhood remains intact. Identifying with a distinct wing on the political system possesses no harm, physical or otherwise; but creating division does. Within a democracy, every individual needs to understand freedom of expression applies irrespective of political spectrum. Clearly, the label one attaches to oneself lacks the capacity to identify an individual.

Race wields no jurisdiction political identification. African-Americans, or any minority ethnic group, vote Republican; Caucasians vote Democrat. Very insubstantial and irrelevant, race does not accurately inform political choice. As the person precedes the party, the person also precedes the predominant race in which they belong. Black or white, contrary to popular belief, every person falls on the political spectrum.

The political party one endorses adds no value to said person. Pro-choice or pro-life retains legitimacy. Leaning toward the left or the right of the political spectrum pertains to one’s prerogative. Indeterminate of political affiliation, the color of one’s skin reveals nothing of the position in which said one stands. Keep an open mind and stay objective.